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About Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is the artistic and horticultural centre of Thailand, situated in the Golden Triangle and sharing borders with Burma and Laos.

Surrounded by mountains and lush green landscapes it enjoys a temperate climate and winter nights cold enough to cozy up to an open fire. (Worth remembering if you plan to build the ideal Chiang Rai house.)

Although still relatively small with a population under 100,000 Chiang Rai has an airport with eight flights to Bangkok a day and rumours that there will soon be direct flights to South Korea and Singapore.

It also boasts impressive credentials in the area of education with two respected universities and three English language schools.

In terms of leisure activities the region is particularly rich with four golf courses, numerous art galleries, beautiful public gardens and a host of day trips or weekends away.

Whether it will benefit economically from the opening up of the Mekong region and improved transportation links to China is no longer a matter of conjecture.

The investment and development is already there for all to see.